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Wake Up Santa Event

Winter 2023 Join us at Bassett Place Mall to wake up Santa! Celebrating the onset of the holiday season with activities for the entire family. This FREE event is open to all! See you there! 📸 Photos with Santa 📚 Books for the children 🎈 Jumping balloons 🎨 Coloring stations 🎶 Live music 🖌️ Face painting 🎯 Games 🎁 Prizes

Storytime at Cuidando Los Ninos

Fall 2023 Our UNM reading tutors, Teresa, Sophie, and Elena, have been reading to the children of Cuidando Los Ninos. Though sharing story time is only a tiny part of what these girls do to support youth literacy, their time reading to the children is pivotal.

UNM Reading Tutors

Fall 2023 Our UNM reading tutors, as part of the GGAB team, actively participate in community story time events for children in accordance with partnered agencies. Everyone is welcome to join in for a delightful story experience!

Lavender Libros in the Sky Volunteers

Fall 2023 Our dedicated volunteers helped prepare, man, and run the GGAB tent for the Lavender Libros Storytime as well as book distribution for children in attendance.

El Pasoans Fighting Hunger Book Delivery

Fall 2023 200 books for 200 children! Book delivery days are our favorite!

Hello, El Paso!

Fall 2023 To celebrate GGAB's expansion into El Paso, Texas we participated in El Paso Giving Day! Being featured on the live-stream to kick off the day was a fantastic introduction to the numerous organizations serving the citizens of El Paso!


Fall 2023

El Pasoans Fighting Hunger Book Delivery

Fall 2023 Anna, with El Pasoans Fighting Hunger, received on behalf of the food bank over 200 books to be given to the children of El Paso that visit the food bank. This ongoing program is our newest partnership in our mission to promote youth literacy!

El Paso Giving Day 2023

Fall 2023 El Paso Giving Day with El Pasoans Fighting Hunger. Pictured, Susan Goodell, El Pasoans Fighting Hunger CEO, and Sylvia Maser, GGAB Founder and CEO.


Fall 2023


Fall 2023

El Paso Giving Day 2023

Fall 2023 GGAB celebrated El Paso Giving Day! Encouraging the community to come together to promote literacy and empower young minds. To learn more about our newest community project with El Pasoans Fighting Hunger and our recent expansion into El Paso, Texas visit!

Rylee Brachle National American Miss New Mexico Lavender Libros in the Sky Reader

Fall 2023 Literacy took flight with Lavender Libros in the Sky! We thank our dedicated volunteers, GGAB team members, Anderson Abruzzo Albuquerque International Balloon Museum Staff, Lavender Libros Reader, National American Miss New Mexico, Rylee Brachle, and our generous sponsors. The unwavering support from everyone involved made this event a soaring success. Here's to many more magical literary adventures ahead!

Lavender Libros in the Sky

Fall 2023 Up, up, and away with #GGABooks at the @balloonmuseum! Through the support of our sponsors books were given to the children in attendance at the S.T.E.A.M Nights event on October 12, 2023.

2023 Mid-Year Organizational Spotlight

Summer 2023 2023 Mid-Year Organizational Spotlight

2023 Mid-Year Organizational Snapshot

Summer 2023 2023 Mid-Year Organizational Snapshot

2023 Mid-Year Volunteer Spotlight

Summer 2023 2023 Mid-Year Volunteer Spotlight

2023 Mid-Year Volunteer Snapshot

Summer 2023 2023 Mid-Year Volunteer Snapshot

2023 Mid-Year Community Project Spotlight

Summer 2023 2023 Mid-Year Community Project Spotlight

2023 Mid-Year Project Snapshot

Summer 2023 2023 Mid-Year Project Snapshot

Bienvenidos Food Pantry of Santa Fe Food for Kids Summer Outreach

Summer 2023 Celebrating Youth Literacy in Northern New Mexico

The Food Depot Food for Kids Summer Outreach

Summer 2023 Celebrating Youth Literacy in Northern New Mexico

Northern New Mexico Summer Outreach Sponsors

Summer 2023

Lavender Libros 2023 Collage

Summer 2023 Books Distributed at Event: 7 different titles totaling 625 Books GGAB was able to increase individual book distribution by 40% compared to last year's festival Newsletter Subscriptions: Totaling 1,150 Members an increase of 32% year to date Volunteers: GGAB was able to utilize 44 volunteers totaling 161 man hours Youth Literacy Awareness: KRQE 13 - Sunday. 10 o’clock News Syndicate Media Management Social Media Outlets

Jump in2 School Bash

Summer 2023 What an incredible event held by Cilena Trujillo with the Jump In2 School Bash. It was amazing to see all the people who came together to make this happen for the children! GGAB donated over 250 new books and over 600 children received backpacks and school supplies for the upcoming 2023-2024 school year!

Lavender Libros at The Lavender in the Village Festival

Summer 2023 Distribution of books to over 600 children in attendance of the Lavender in the Village Festival was made possible by the above sponsors. Thank you!

2023 Lavender In The Village Festival

Summer 2023 Meet us, and 9,000 others, for a day of reading at the Lavender Libros Kids Corner during the 2023 Lavender In The Village Festival in Los Ranchos, NM on Sunday, July 23, 2023! For sponsorship opportunities email Global Give-A-Book at

2023 Top-Rated Nonprofit Global Give-A-Book

Spring 2023 For a second consecutive year, Global Give-A-Book has been awarded top-rated status by! This recognition is based on the numerous stories and experiences shared by parents, volunteers, community partners, and supporters like you! Thank you!

Your donations at work!

Spring 2023 "Great to see an organization dedicated to literacy. After attending an event and watching children marinate in the joy of opening a new book, I am proud to support global give a book!" -Global Give-A-Book Event Participant, Farrok F.

Reading in Color! Celebrate reading and art with GGAB and A World of Difference!

Spring 2023 Art activities are a great way to promote literacy and language development. Children who draw pictures about stories they have read improve their reading comprehension, story understanding, and motivation to read new materials they have not seen before. Currently, this campaign outreach gives new, quality GGAB books and Colors of World Crayola Crayons, courtesy of A World of Difference and Walmart.

Just Pup-in' in on Animal Humane New Mexico

Spring 2023 Zully Silva, Global Give A-Book's UNM Reading Tutor, visited with Melissa Hubbell Senior Manager of Outreach and Volunteer Programs at the Animal Humane New Mexico. This ongoing community project with the Animal Humane sees books go home with families adopting their new pet and encourages the children to read at home with their new fur-ever friend!

The Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce Presents: The 2023 Excellence in Education Golf Classic

Spring 2023 The Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce Presents: The 2023 Excellence in Education Golf Classic This event raises funds for scholarship program recipients. GGAB made an appearance promoting youth literacy and enjoyed networking with our amazing ABQ community members!

GGAB Community Project Highlight

Spring 2023 The Community Pantry Gallup, New Mexico Global Give-A-Book was delighted to receive sweet thank-you notes from the children at the other end of our community project at the Community Pantry of Gallup. Seeing our efforts and your contributions come to life in the form of smiles and admiration is all the encouragement we need to ensure every child has access to a new, quality book.

St. Felix Pantry

Spring 2023 St. Felix Pantry receives brand-new, beautiful books from GGAB to serve to the precious children of New Mexico!

The Food Depot Monthly Outreach

Spring 2023 Our partnership with The Food Depot of Santa Fe allows for GGAB products to be delivered to the children of New Mexico through the distribution of food donation boxes. Thank you, The Food Depot, for all you do for our community!

Rio Grande Food Project

Spring 2023 Global Give-A-Book's Zully Avila with Paul Lesnik of the Rio Grande Food Project.

Roadrunner Food Bank

Spring 2023 Roadrunner Food Bank supporting Global Give-A-Book! What a great team!

Read For Success

Winter 2023 Building a world of strong individuals, families, and businesses starts with our children and their success as readers! View the GGAB March Newsletter!


Winter 2023 GGAB prides itself on giving high-quality, award-winning books, including Caldecott-awarded titles. #GGABooks are first lovingly and individually packaged with a bookmark. The book is then given to the children we serve via our community project partners. The packaged book is a gift and should be presented as such. Every child deserves to feel the excitement of receiving a new #GGABook!

The Food Depot

Winter 2023 Ongoing GGAB Community Project Our ongoing community project with The Food Depot sees #GGABooks given to children at the other end of food donation boxes! We are thankful for their continued dedication to ending hungry and promoting youth literacy! Thank you, The Food Depot of Santa Fe!

The Community Pantry of Gallup, NM

Winter 2023 Ongoing GGAB Community Project Since 2021, GGAB has come alongside The Community Pantry of Gallup to enhance the Food 4 Kids food program with literacy resources. 810 children attending 27 different schools utilize this program on a weekly basis. Providing nutritious food for the children ensures they don't go without food on days when school is not in session.

Lavender Libros

Winter 2023 Growing global leaders one, book at a time! The Lavender Libros literacy program invites community leaders to read award-winning #GGABook titles. Kids can follow along from anywhere via our YouTube channel. Share a story and a smile today by becoming a Lavender Libros reader!

Have You Seen GGAB?

Winter 2023 Thank you, Ruben Garcia, Founder of Johnny Boards LLC. Indoor Advertising, for supporting GGAB!

Syndicate Media GGAB (1)

Winter 2023 Syndicate Media Management interviewed Founder/CEO Sylvia Maser and offered GGAB a phenomenal opportunity to showcase our mission and our partners at Stride Inc. Thank you, Syndicate Media, for the chance to bring awareness to the importance of youth literacy!

Stride Inc.

Winter 2023 Stride Inc., is a nationally recognized business for integrated employment of adults with Special Needs. Their team is an irreplaceable part of the GGAB mission. To date, the Stride Inc. team has packaged over 12,000 #GGABbooks!

PBS Kids Festival

Winter 2023 El Paso, TX Over 100 books were given to the children and their families on this fun-filled family day! Guests were treated to an array of local organizations and businesses that offered their resources to parents and guardians of El Paso children.

St. Felix Pantry Ongoing Community Project

Winter 2023 “Thank you so much for your incredible partnership and helping The Food Depot to provide so many wonderful books to youth who attend some of our programs.” -Billie Secular | Program Coordinator | The Food Depot Santa Fe

Ronald McDonald House Charities

Winter 2023 Lubbock, TX The Ronald McDonald House provides more than 1.5 million overnight stays each year to children and their families experiencing life-altering diagnosis. GGAB has teamed up to ensure that the nights spent by a child and their family are met with a #GGABook and a story to share. Help us to expand this partnership by donating to GGAB today!

GGAB In Print

Winter 2022 GGAB's Founder and Executive Director, Sylvia Maser, has been featured in The Giving Stories. A book detailing 15 authors with 15 awesome causes, missions, and passions- it is a must have for your home library! This book shares the stories behind heart-led nonprofit leaders and we are so proud of Sylvia for her contribution to this best selling book!

The Giving Tree Feat. GGAB

Winter 2022 What an honor to have been featured in City Lifestyle Magazine! View the article below to learn how to continue the spirit of giving into 2023. Thank you, City Lifestyle, for shedding light on the organizations that make a difference in our community on a daily basis.

Volunteer with GGAB

Winter 2022 Top: Thank you, Overland Missions, for your help with the ChurchAlive! Fall Fest Turkey Giveaway! Middle: Thank you, Lorri with Maser Security (2nd from left), Shannon with GGAB (5th from left), and Narsis with Coronado High School (Bottom), for your help at the Here Comes Santa event in El Paso, TX! GGAB Volunteers are literacy STARS!

ChurchAlive! Fall Fest Turkey & GGAB Book Giveaway

Winter 2022 Children in attendance were greeted with a warm smile and a new book despite the chilly morning temperatures. We couldn't have been more thankful for the attendees that braved the cold and took home a turkey and new book in anticipation of the Thanksgiving holiday!

Bassett Place Here Comes Santa Christmas Festival

Winter 2022 GGAB kicked off the holiday season with Bassett Place and their special guest, Santa! Over 150 children received a #GGABook. The smiles were endless!

Hozho Academy Native American Outreach

Winter 2022 New #GGABooks were distributed to all of the K-3 grade children of the Hozho Academy in Gallup, NM. The children were thrilled to take home a new #GGAbook. Just look at those smiles! This outreach was made possible by our partnership with The Community Pantry of Gallup New Mexico. Thank you, Hilda, for your ongoing support of GGAB and our mission!


Winter 2022 Join GGAB this #GivingTuesday to help us share the love of reading by getting award-winning books into the hands of children who need them most.

Hispano Heritage NonProfit of The Year 2022

Fall 2022 GGAB was voted as and awarded the Hispanic Heritage Award for Nonprofit of the Year 2022! To those that took the time to vote and share our mission, THANK YOU. It is a privilege to build youth literacy in New Mexico and beyond. The children are at the core of our mission and this award allows us the ability to further highlight the importance of youth literacy.

St. Felix Pantry Monthly Community Outreach

Fall 2022 St. Felix Pantry is just one of GGAB's ongoing, monthly, community outreach projects. It is through your donations that #GGABooks are sent home with food donation boxes to families and their smiling children!

Bassett Place Fall Festival

Fall 2022 A huge THANK YOU to Maser Security for their sponsorship of the Fall Fest in El Paso. Their contribution allowed for GGAB to give 150+ books to the children in attendance. WOW! Thank you for investing in the youth literacy of El Paso, Maser Security! We appreciate you!

Fall Festival Collage (3)

Fall 2022 It was an honor to be joined by El Paso native, Chris Aguirre. Chris is a Netflix animation artist and former Art Director for DreamWorks Studios. He has developed various television productions and is famous for the creation of Puss in Boots from Shrek. We are so proud of Chris and his latest endeavor with Netflix. Check out #SpiritRangers on #Netflix with your family today! His heart for youth literacy is acknowledged and appreciated by many. Thank you, Chris!

Ronald McDonald House Charities Lubbock, TX Outreach

Fall 2022 GGAB Founder and Executive Director, Sylvia Maser, with the man himself, Ronald McDonald! With this monthly outreach our hope is to provide these families with #GGABooks so they can escape for a moment and enjoy a story together. If this outreach touches close to home please consider making a contribution to GGAB.

Rio Grande Community Farm

Fall 2022 We had a fall-tastic time at the maze and were thrilled to see 100+ books go home with the children in attendance.

Ongoing Community Projects

Monthly Distributions “Thank you so much for your incredible partnership and helping The Food Depot to provide so many wonderful books to youth who attend some of our programs.” Billie Secular | Program Coordinator | The Food Depot Santa Fe

Hispano Chamber of Commerce Ambassador Day 2022

Fall 2022 Global Give-A-Book's Board President, The Honorable Beatrice Brickhouse District Court Judge, presented a token of appreciation to the Hispano Chamber Ambassadors for their amazing support and help toward #GGABook's mission!

GGAB Houston Area Ambassador

Summer 2022 Mercedes is so excited to announce her newest distribution point! Seniora Cooper, a Prep Spanish teacher in Cypress, Texas was thrilled to receive new Spanish #GGABooks for her students. Thank you, Mercedes! You're doing an awesome job!

Happy Birthday, GGAB!

Summer 2022 It has been a marvelous two years serving the children in our community. This birthday also marks TEN THOUSAND books given to children in need. We could not be more thankful for the support of our partners and the community that invested in the future of literacy and helped us achieve this milestone. If you would like to make a donation in honor of this milestone and towards the next 10,000 books, please visit or add us on Venmo at @GGABooks

Mayors Sunday Funday 2022

Summer 2022 The 2022 Rio Rancho Mayors Sunday Funday was a huge SUCCESS! Over 175 children received an award-winning book. It was a privilege to see the smiling faces of the children and their families. These smiles are the power behind our mission!

PNM PowerKick $2,500.00 Recipient

Summer 2022 Global Give-A-Book scored BIG during the PNM PowerKick on August 17th. The selected fan, Mathis, brought the heat and in turn brought home the gold for GGAB! This opportunity was made possible through PNM's generosity and support for nonprofit organizations making a difference in New Mexico and beyond!

Lavender in the Village Fest 2022

Summer 2022 Lavender Libros was a great success due to the following individuals and organizations. THANK YOU! Cynthia Borrego Bill Gentry / A World of Difference Linda Vega / Wells Fargo Lala Gonzales / 99.9 The Beat FM Honorable Idalia Lechuga Stride Inc. Natalie Rose Cassidy Productions Artrisco Heritage H.S. The Optimist Club Church Alive! James & Troy Counelis The Community

Ronal McDonald House Charities of the Southwest

Summer 2022 The Ronald McDonald House is an organization that assists families in coping with the uncertainty, confusion, and fear of having a sick child. We admire their mission and are teaming up to provide new, quality books to the children and the families they serve.

The Santa Fe Food Depot Wildfire Outreach

Spring/Summer 2022 With the continued support of numerous partners and The Food Depot of Santa Fe, GGAB was able to deliver over 400 new, high-quality, award winning books to the children in Northern New Mexico who were devastated by the recent wildfires.

Animal Humane Newsletter

Summer 2022 Through our partnership with Animal Humane New Mexico GGAB is able to provide books to the children and their families opening their homes to the animals in our community! We are proud to have been featured in their publication of the Humane Heroes Newsletter!

Mercedes Crayola Campaign Distribution.png
Square Colors of The World (2).png
Colors of The World Campaign & GGAB Book Outreach

Colors of The World Campaign

Together with A World of Difference and, GGAB distributed the Colors of The World Crayola Crayons to community outreach programs, schools, and fellow nonprofits throughout Albuquerque and the Northern New Mexico Pueblos.


GGAB Ambassador, Mercedes, from Houston, TX, assisted in the distribution of Colors of The World Crayola Campaign in Albuquerque, NM. Every student also received a new quality book with their Crayola crayons.

Thank you, Stride Inc.!

Stride Inc., is a nationally recognized business for integrated employment of adults with Special Needs. Stride is an integral part of GGAB's distribution process. Their hard work ensures that GGAB books are packed and ready for the children! Above: Keri Bertram, President & CEO with her team

Little Free Library

Summer 2022 GGAB keeps the summer reading going with Little Free Library! Photo: AmyJane Powers, UTEP 2022 Graduate

Rio Grande Food Project Ongoing Outreach

Spring 2022 A big THANK YOU to the Rio Grande Food Pantry for their continued support and distribution of GGAB books to the families and communities we care about!

Community Pantry Ongoing Outreach

Spring 2022 Hilda Kendall COO of Community Pantry Gallup, NM. Our ongoing partnership with the Community Pantry of Gallup, NM keeps the families and children in our communities fed and reading!

Native American Children

Spring 2022 Native American elementary children receive GGAB books.

Basset 60th Anniversary

Spring 2022 Maser Security sponsored GGAB and 150 books were given during the Basset Center 60th Anniversary Celebration.

Family Fun Day feat. GGAB

Spring 2022 GGAB Books were given to children in attendance and the event was OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Reading with Shepherd Daisy

Daisy is a German Shepherd that encourages children to read 15 minutes a day

to their pets or stuffed animals. 

In March of 2022  GGAB hosted the first ever Reading With Shepherd Daisy event featuring a special appearance by DreamWorks animation artist Chris Aguirre, creator of Puss in Boots! 300 APS title 1 students were invited to participate in a day of literacy and fun activities. The event was held and hosted by the Cesar Chavez Community Center in ABQ, NM. The RWSD event was a true testament to what is possible when the community comes together!


Revisit that day with us at the video below!

PussInBoots Flyer.png
WFAPS & RWSD (3).png
Community Pantry (Del Norte Elementary) w Logo

Spring 2022 Alongside the Community Pantry of Gallup, NM, GGAB was able to provide new, award-winning books to the children at Del Norte Elementary School!

Animal Human w Logo

Winter 2021 GGAB Books were provided to the Animal Humane of New Mexico for their ongoing outreach. GGAB books are given to children who adopt a pet and are encouraged to read along at home with their new friend!

APS & Wells Fargo w Logo

Fall 2021 The first team planning session for the Reading With Shepherd Daisy Community Literacy Event was a success! Shannon Barnhill, Director of APS Foundation Joe Trimble, Wells Fargo Mall Business Strategy Consultant/APS Board Member Sylvia Maser, Founder of GGAB

St Felix Pantry w Logo

Fall 2021 Sister Juanita & children receiving books for on going monthly outreach with food donation boxes.

ChurchAlive! w Logo

Fall 2021 GGAB ambassador, Natalie Rose, assisted in the distribution of Thanksgiving Food Baskets. Every basket included a GGAB book!

Biz Gratiz Fall 2021 w Logo

Fall 2021 GGAB books were given to the children in attendance. It was such a fun time seeing all of the great costumes!

Casa Del Rey Harvest Festival

Fall 2021 GGAB was hosted by Casa Del Rey and Pastor Ruben Guajardo for their fall Harvest Festival. Hundreds of families gathered for a fun evening with activities for the whole family!

Roadrunner Food Bank w Logo

Fall 2021 Right Joe Phy Chief Operating Officer & Volunteer assist the community pantry in delivery of GGAB books to native American communities!

Rio Grande Food Pantry w Logo

Fall 2021 Paul Lesnik, Community Hub Coordinator and Ari Herring, Executive Director assist in the ongoing community outreach to distribute GGAB books alongside food donation boxes.

Book & Backpack Giveaway Community Outreach Event


Global Give-A-Book Ribbon Cutting

Hosted by Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce

Summer 2021

Book GiveAway.png
Giveback Logos.PNG

500 new, quality books and school supplies were given to local students in preparation of 2021 school year.

Duke City Gladiators

Summer 2021 The Duke City Gladiators of Albuquerque, NM. Aided in our mission to supply 500 new, award-winning books to children in the Rio Grande Valley in preparation of the Fall 2021 school year.

St. Felix Pantry Ongoing Outreach

Summer 2021 Sister Angela (Director) & Sister Juanita of St. Felix Pantry receive monthly GGAB books for the ongoing distribution of GGAB books with food donation boxes.

Food Depot Diaper Program

Spring 2021 The Diaper Program received over 150 books to be gifted along with diapers during the month of May. Chris Blumenstein Resource Navigator Food Depot Diaper Program April 2021 Ongoing Outreach

Drafted Outreach

Summer 2021 In an effort to spread love and support for out hometown heroes, GGAB has partnered with Triple Braided Cord Co. Triple Braided Cord Co. gifted 100+ copies of "Drafted" to police officers, firefighters, and military personnel in honor of the work they do to keep our communities safe.

Church Alive! Community Outreach

Spring 2021 SHERI SCHAEFER ASSOCIATE PASTOR Church Alive! Spring Cleaning- Over 200 books given to children

Casa Amor Orphanage de Cuauhtemoc, Mexico

Spring 2021 Book Giveaway Spanish Books 100+ books given

St. Felix Pantry Ongoing Outreach

Spring 2021 Rachel Miletkov Director of Development at St. Felix Pantry On going

Kendra Scott World Book Day 2021

Spring 2021 New, award-winning books were given to the children who visited the El Paso, TX Kendra Scott in celebration of World Book Day as well as the Kendra Gives Back Event!

Kendra Scott World Book Day 2021

Spring 2021 New, award-winning books were given to the children who visited the El Paso, TX Kendra Scott in celebration of World Book Day as well as the Kendra Gives Back Event!

AHCC Community Day

Fall 2021 Founder Sylvia Maser and Tamara F. Marketing director at Fuddruckers ABQ had a ball at the Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce Community day! GGAB books were given to the children in attendance!

New Covenant Church Giveaway

Winter 2021 GGAB partnered with a New Covenant Worship Church and donated new and wrapped books with food boxes one week before Christmas. Families were blessed with food for the body and books for the brain!

Kendra Gives Back Event

Winter 2019 GGAB books were given to the children in attendance for the Kendra Gives Back Event held at the ABQ Kendra Scott location.

Unser w Logo

Fall 2005 Pictured: Fall 2006 Fundraiser 120 Classic Car Showcase Awareness of GGAB

Christmas Book Give Away 2019

The following schools received The Adventures of Twirling Girl

by Christi Le Fevre:


Kit Carson Elementary School

1921 Byron Ave. SW

Albuquerque, NM 87105

Koinonia Church 

10405 Comanche Rd NE

Albuquerque, NM 87111


St. Mary’s Catholic School

224 7th. Street

Albuquerque, NM 87102

Evangel Christian Preschool 

4501 Montgomery Blvd NE

Albuquerque, NM 87109


Faith Christian Academy

8960 Escobar Dr.

El Paso, TX 79907

(Abundant Living Faith Center)

Rivers of Mercy Children’s Home

Juarez Mexico 🇲🇽 

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