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Too Young For The Theater?

How young is too young to take your child to the theater? Believe it or not, Toddlers can enjoy a theater performance. It is all about choosing the right performance. Typically, toddlers through age 4 do best with shows that include lots of opportunities for participation and are short, under an hour. Children aged 4 or 5can enjoy a longer children’s play up to about an hour and a half as long as there is sufficient participation. Audiences of children’s theater will expect some noise and wiggling. If you have any questions about the level of audience participation or the suitability of the play for your child, call the ticket office; often they can provide that type of information. While you have them on the phone, be sure to grab aisle seats. Don’t get stuck in a middle seat when the almost potty-trained little one says,”Gotta go.” Your first trip to the theater together!

How exciting!

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