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New Mexico Pantries

Community Pantry “Food For Kids” 

Gallup, NM

The FFK (Food For Kids) program helps reduce food insecurity for school children. In the 27 schools we serve, 810 children who might go hungry over the weekend are provided with nutritious food. In support of this program, Global Give-A-Book is a New Mexico-based corporation giving new, quality books to the FFK program since 2021. This ensures that the children participating in the FFK program receive a new book with their food donation.

The Food Depot “Diaper Program”

Santa Fe, NM

The SF Diaper Program helps provide supplemental disposable diapers to families in need. These diapers allow struggling families to keep a child in daycare, where disposables are required, so they can work or attend school. Global Give-A-Book enhances the Diaper Program by giving each family that participates in the Diaper Program a new book.

The Food Depot “Casita de Comida-Española”

Santa Fe, NM  

The Casita de Comida in Española, NM is a program that assists The Food Depot (TDF), creating a community to develop a hunger-free New Mexico. The Casita de Comida is a Choice-Based Pantry service for families distributing food boxes. Global Give-A-Book enhances the program by giving every child a new award-winning book with their food donation. 

Rio Grande Food Project

Albuquerque, NM
The Rio Grande Food Project’s mission is to alleviate hunger and cultivate long-term food security in the community. The Rio Grande Food Project supports the bilingual community by having bilingual staff and volunteers present. Global Give-A-Book enhances the program by hosting a bilingual UNM reading tutor. Each child will receive a new quality book to keep. 

St. Felix Pantry

Rio Rancho, NM

St. Felix Pantry provides free food, compassionate support, and referral services free of charge. The pantry's goal is to have its core values impact everything they do: respect for human dignity, compassion, justice and peace, transformation, and solidarity with the poor. Global Give-A-Book enhances the pantry by providing new award-winning books to each child with food donations.

Animal Humane New Mexico

Albuquerque, NM

Animal Humane NM supports and missions to improve the lives of New Mexico’s cats and dogs through sheltering, adoptions, humane education, and veterinary service. Global Give-A-Book enhances the Animal Humane program through Shepherd Daisy. Shepherd Daisy is a dog that encourages children to read to their pets or stuffed animals for 15 minutes a day. Each child is gifted a new, quality book to keep.

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