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April Newsletter: Go Green!

Updated: May 14, 2021

It’s hard to believe that we’ve turned a new page to spring!

As the calendar has flipped to April, we can now look forward to warmer days, beautiful budding flowers, and spending more time outdoors. No wonder April is the month where our earth is celebrated.

April 22 is the day permanently reserved for Earth Day. Used to bring awareness and support to environmental protection, Earth Day is an educational opportunity to direct attention to our earth’s needs on a global scale.

Here at Global Give-A-Book, we’re taking the time this month to dive into the debate of whether or not eBooks or paperbacks are better for the environment.

While some studies show that eBooks are better because they emit a lower amount of CO2 when compared to paperbacks, the overall consensus is that borrowing books from your local library is in fact the greenest way to help the earth through reading. And hey, the books are free too!

Our challenge to you this month? Take your child on a trip to the library and know that you’re not just benefiting your child, you’re also helping our great, green earth.

Happy Reading!

Jordan Oliver

Director of Multimedia

"The Earth is what we all have in common"

-Wendell Berry


Because of YOUR generous contributions to GGAB, the following nonprofit organizations are receiving and then distributing FREE books to children this April!

The Food Depot

Rio Grande Food Project

St. Felix Pantry

His Place Community

Animal Humane New Mexico

Casa Amor Orphanage

Comunidad Maria International

Together we can give more books to more children!


We are excited to announce that Global Give A Book received a grant from Walmart Giving! We can’t wait to Give new quality books to high need families!


GGAB strives to provide high-quality award-winning books. Due to availability, we can not always guarantee which titles will be delivered. Though all titles will be recipients of the Caldecott and Newbery awards or specifically themed titles.


Church Alive! Community Outreach

GGAB stamped, packaged, sealed and delivered 250 books to children that need it the most! Partnering with local food pantries so families received a box of food with a new-quality book.

How cool is that!?!


Book Give-Away at St. Felix Pantry

Rio Rancho, NM.

Animal Humane New Mexico

The Reading with Shepherd Daisy Program will kick off this month!

Children who stop by Animal Humane New Mexico will receive a FREE GGAB book to read at home with their families and pets!

World Book Day with Kendra Scott

April 23, 2021

In honor of World Book Day, GGAB will be hosted by Kendra Scott for their Kendra Gives Back event.




20% of ALL purchases on the 23rd and the 24th of April will be donated to GGAB!


Visit the Kendra Scott store in El Paso, Texas on April 24th between 1PM and 4PM to receive a free book and have a portion of your purchase donated to GGAB.




The Food Depot of Santa Fe

Summer Food Program for June and July

425 unique individual children will receive new, award-winning, GGAB books!


Our goals are not possible without supporters like you.

If you have the availability and desire to donate to these upcoming events please consider a donation. Any amount donated goes directly towards providing free books to children!


National Library Week 2021: Welcome to Your Library

The theme for National Library Week (April 4-10, 2021), “Welcome to Your Library,” promotes the idea that libraries extend far beyond the four walls of a building – and that everyone is welcome to use their services. During the pandemic libraries have been going above and beyond to adapt to our changing world by expanding their resources and continuing to meet the needs of their users. Whether people visit in person or virtually, libraries offer opportunities for everyone to explore new worlds and become their best selves through access to technology, multimedia content, and educational programs.


PRE K to 3rd

In this empowering book, a young boy and girl discover amazing facts (like how our food travels an average of 1,500 miles to be on our plate!) and explore all the different ways they―and we―can help protect the Earth's most precious resources to save the planet and live "green" lifestyles.

PRE K - 1st

Follow an eco-conscious super hero as he teaches kids how to recycle and reuse common household items! The six large flaps throughout show that ordinary trash is really a treasure. From turning old clothes into fun costumes or an old box into a brand new car, kids will learn that saving the environment is super cool!


Dear Reading Teacher,

I began reading to Chris when he was very young. In January, he is going to start kinder. What else can I do to make sure he is ready to read?


Chris’ Mother in San Antonio

Dear Chris’ Mom,

Well, right off the bat, you get an A+ for starting to read to Chris very early in his life. There are many more activities you can still do to get him ready. One thing is to surround him with words. Tape signs at his level all around the house. Label his bed, his drawers, the stove, and the dog (just kidding about the dog). Let him make some choices about what to label.

Next, call attention to the function of words daily. You might make a shopping list or a “to do” list. Read the signs in the supermarket as you search for a particular item. Constantly read signs aloud so Chris can understand the connection between the written word and the meaning. At the same time, he is realizing that text comes in all sorts of fonts, and he is connecting the letters with their sounds. Additionally, provide Danny with a variety of materials for reading: signs, stories, poems, songs, directions.

Finally, engage Chris in word play. Children love tongue twisters and alliteration songs or poems. Find words that rhyme or that begin with the same sound. It sounds like just fun and games, but these fun and games make a huge difference in his success in school.

Happy Reading!

The Reading Teacher


Are you interested in becoming a GGAB Partner or Sponsor? Please visit the page linked below to get in touch with us!

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