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Literacy Programs


Striving to provide unique programs and tools that foster the LOVE of reading in children.

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Lavender Libros 

Lavender Libros is a program hosted by GGAB and published on YouTube. This program invites community leaders to read award-winning books aloud, encouraging children to listen and read along. 

Reading with
Shepherd Daisy


Global Give-A-Book in coordination with the Animal Humane New Mexico, will give books to children encouraging them to read to their pets!

Daisy is a German Shepherd that encourages children to read 15 minutes a day to their pets or stuffed animals. 


PussInBoots Flyer.png

In March of 2022 GGAB hosted the first ever Reading With Shepherd Daisy event featuring a special appearance by DreamWorks animation artist Chris Aguirre, creator of Puss in Boots! The RWSD event was a true testament to what is possible when the community comes together. Revisit that day with us at the video above. 

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