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Book Recommendations

There were so many wonderful books I wanted to recommend this month. The Best Christmas Pageant Ever by Barbara Robinson comes to mind. However, I try to keep my recommendations list short and I want something more than just an enjoyable read. Now this is a funny book about a family of terrible kids who hijack the Christmas pageant. Our author does turn the little monsters around and we see the good in them eventually, but I know you only have so many books you can purchase for your child and I guess I expect a book to play double or triple roles. It must be a joy to read, teach about the subject focus, and teach our children how to deal with the world. Mighty high expectations. I guess Christmas Pageantjust didn’t teach enough about drama, which is our focus this month. But, if you see the book around and are looking for a present. It is a winner for a middle schooler.

Happy Reading.

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