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Fighting Children’s Food Insecurity: GGAB’s Ongoing Support of The Food Depot

Community Project Established April 2021

GGAB supplies books to children in New Mexico through The Food Depot's various programs, including Food 4 Kids and The Diaper Depot.


Elena Finnegan

UNM Reading Tutor 

UNM Biology Major

February 2024


In New Mexico, over 15% of our children are living in low-income households (1). This can affect everything from their access to nutritious food to their future levels of educational achievement. One organization working to combat this problem is The Food Depot, a food bank based in Santa Fe that serves 9 counties in northern New Mexico. Global Give-A-Book has proudly supported The Food Depot since April 2021, distributing high-quality books to some of New Mexico’s most vulnerable children. Last fall, Sylvia and I had the chance to visit the Food Depot and meet Amanda Bregel, the Communications Coordinator. I was very impressed by The Food Depot’s range of programs and the amount of people they serve, as well as Ms. Bregel’s passion for what she does.

One of The Food Depot’s projects that stood out is the Diaper Depot Program. The Food Depot distributes diapers and baby wipes to families once a month to alleviate the financial burden of these necessities. Global Give-A-Book has been a huge supporter of this program, providing literary materials to be distributed along with the diapers.

Food 4 Kids is another special program at The Food Depot that provides children with nutritious meals, especially during the summer when they are not in school. Over the summer of 2023, GGAB provided the Food 4 Kids program with 400 brand-new children’s books. This initiative helps encourage kids to read throughout the summer months and improve their literacy skills in time for the school year. Working with the food banks is also strategic, as it helps us focus on children in low-income households and help them develop skills they can use to break the cycle of poverty.

Last year, The Food Depot unveiled their new Food Mobile, an 18-wheeler that will be used to deliver food and other essentials to rural communities in northern New Mexico starting this year. The Global Give-A-Book team, Sylvia, Emily, and Lauren, visited The Food Depot to celebrate this huge milestone and the books that would reach even more New Mexico children because of the Food Mobile. As Ms. Bregel says,

We have been able to bring joy to hundreds of children thanks to Global-Give-A-Book, and I hope we have a partnership that lasts for many years!

United, we can bridge the divide in book access.


Donating to Global Give-A-Book is a meaningful investment in the future of underserved children.

Your contribution directly supports our mission to provide quality books to children who need them the most and empower children with the tools for success.


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