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Girls In Male Dominated Industries

Updated: Oct 21, 2018

While I was reading books about culture and diversity, I came across some wonderful books about feminism and women in traditionally male-dominated jobs that I wanted to share. The first one, WhatWould She Do? 25 True Stories of Trailblazing Rebel Womenby Kay Woodward, is a brand new well thought-out collection of short biographies of some outstanding women, some well-known, like Cleopatra, and others not so well known, like Muraski Shikibu, the first novelist. Also part of the story is a section in which the author poses a question and answer that relates not only to the celebrant’s life or area of expertise, but also to a young person’s life today. This book would probably appeal to students in grades 3-7. A second book is really a seriesGirls Who Code Books (4 books)by Stacia Deutsch and Reshma Saujani. These books feature a group of middle school girls who have joined the Coding Club at school. The girls are from different backgrounds and have diverse interests. Think Babysitters’ Clubfor today’s girls. Also appropriate for grades 3-7.

Happy Reading!

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