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Lavender Libros in the Sky October 2023

Lavender Libros in the Sky

A Literacy Program Event by GGAB

Featured Lavender Libros Reader

National American Miss New Mexico Pageant Winner, Rylee Brachle

Thanks to our sponsors, the sky's the limit with Lavender Libros!

Lavender Libros in Action

Summer 2023

Books Distributed at Event:

625 Books - 7 Featured Titles

40% Increase in Book Distribution from 2022

Newsletter Subscriptions:

32% Increase from 2022

The GGAB Newsletter showcases our valuable partners, community projects, and past/future events.


44 Dedicated GGAB Volunteers Assisted in Promoting Youth Literacy

Volunteers are the backbone of our community outreach. Extend a hand towards literacy and join today!

Youth Literacy Awareness:

KRQE 13 - Sunday. 10 o’clock News

Syndicate Media Management

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United, we can lift readers to new horizons!

In these challenging times, children need our support more than ever.

Thank you for helping us spread the word to any person or company that has a heart for youth literacy.

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