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May Newsletter: Music

Updated: May 14, 2021

The Global Give-A-Book team is always looking for ways to connect everyday activities with reading.

Studies have shown that children who learn music have better reading comprehension skills. It was very interesting to learn that music and language are actually processed in the same part of the brain. Children respond to the rhythm and melody of language before they can decipher what the words mean.

This month of May, spend some time listening to music with your child. Have a dance party or karaoke night out on the deck! It will create family memories that your child will always remember and may just be instrumental to his or her reading journey.

If we can introduce reading into our children’s daily routines and favorite hobbies, we can help them associate reading with being fun.

For example, if your child loves to bake, you can teach him or her that reading is essential to following the recipe. How about learning a new game that you just bought at the store? Reading is the only way to learn the directions. What we’ve learned this month is that it’s also possible to foster your child’s love for reading through music.

Happy Reading!

Jordan Oliver

Director of Multimedia


"One of the most beautiful things we

can give our child is music education."

-Gloria Estefan


GGAB wants to give a big SHOUTOUT to Sam’s Club for its community grants along with the support of Fuddruckers, and the many personal contributions made by YOU. Together we are giving books to children and making a difference.



GGAB Executive Director, Sylvia Maser, has been visiting local food banks and food pantries in the Rio Grande Valley. The demand for these services are greatly sought after.

Gives food to over 1,300 Native American children from the reservations. Many of these children do not have the internet at home, leaving them without the opportunity to read online.

Hilda Kendall

Chief Operations Officer

The Community Pantry of Gallup, NM

Please join us by helping supply new high-quality children’s books that will be given in addition to the food so graciously donated to the children and their families by these organizations.

Sherry F. Hooper

Executive Director

The Food Depot


Sylvia Maser

Executive Director

Global Give A Book

MAY 2021


The Reading with Shepherd Daisy Program will kick off this month!

Children who stop by Animal Humane New Mexico will receive a FREE GGAB book to read at home with their families and pets!

Ellen Schmidt, CPDT-KA, KPA CTP

Senior Director of Adoptions,

Outreach & The Center

Animal Humane New Mexico

The Food Depot of Santa Fe

Diaper Program will receive over 150 books to be gifted along with diapers during the month of May.

Chris Blumenstein, LCSW

The Food Depot - Resource Navigator

JUNE 2021

The Food Depot of Santa Fe services children in the community, providing over 400 children with meals for the summer. GGAB is now providing books to be given with the food.

Elizabeth Egelhoff

Programs Manager

The Food Depot - Food 4 Kids

JULY 2021

We are doing everything we can to prepare our students for the return to school.

500 backpacks will be given out with New GGAB books new GGAB books and loaded with school supplies and other

necessities to our

Northwest Albuquerque and South Rio Rancho students.

Any additional contributions our community would love to provide to our students please click below or email


World Book Day

April 23, 2021


Huge success! With the help of our friends at Kendra Scott GGAB celebrated World Book Day.

The support of El Pasoans was incredible as they embraced our mission "free books for children" with open arms. Every child that came in received a GGAB book!

A special thanks to Elizabeth, Emery, Lucila, Lyndzee, Anais, Marlina, and Damian at Kendra Scott El Paso!

Seeking an opportunity to serve?

GGAB is looking for volunteers to help make our community impact possible. Our reach is expanding quickly...and so is our need for helping hands.

If you are looking for a way to give back, click the photo to contact us or email

Our goals are not possible without supporters like you.

All amounts donated go towards providing free books to children!

GGAB strives to provide high-quality award-winning books to Title 1 demographics.


Dear Reading Teacher,

My father will soon be passing and my 5-year-old son is very close to him. Is there a book you can recommend to help him deal with the death or to help us explain it?


Robert’s Mom

Dear Robert’s Mom,

I am sorry your family is facing this difficult time. There are a few books I think might help. Missing Mommy, by Rebeca Cobb, is a very tender look at the death of a family member as told through the eyes of a child. This very sensitive subject is tackled head-on, yet gently. It addresses the questions and the emotions of a young child who tries to understand death. I hope this is useful for you. God bless.

Happy Reading,

The Reading Teacher


Are you interested in becoming a GGAB Partner or Sponsor? Please visit the page linked below to get in touch with us!

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