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Meet Lavender Libros Reader Carl Brady

Growing global leaders, one book at a time!

Lavender Libros (LL) is a digital library hosted by GGAB and published on YouTube. This literacy program invites community leaders to read award-winning books aloud, encouraging children to listen and read along. 

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When not conducting SCUBA instruction, Carl is always looking for his next adventure on land or sea. As a former NM science teacher and PADI Master Instructor, he combines his passion for diving with his love of learning, teaching, and reading with his students, those he meets on his adventures, and Lavender Libros!

Let's dive in!

"Hi Global Give-A-Book,
I just got back from my trip to Solomon's Islands and thought I would send the photo of the village, the Chief, and the kids the books went to. Because of cultural issues, the Chief, Big Raymond, would only allow me to take a picture of him holding the books for the children. I have also attached a couple of pictures of the village in which these kids live. The canoe is actually how they travel around their island, and get supplies.
From the looks on their faces, I hope you can see how excited they were to get this gift from you. Only a handful of these kids will be taught beyond what we would consider grade 4, so having the chance to learn to read using these books could have an incredible impact on this village!
I cannot thank you enough for allowing me the privilege of presenting the books and materials to these children and their village. -Carl Brady"


United, we can bridge the divide in book access.


Your contribution directly supports our mission to provide quality books to children who need them the most and empower children with the tools for success.


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