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The GGAB Bus Bench | All aboard for literacy!

Spring 2024

We're thrilled to announce the latest chapter in our mission to promote youth literacy: our very own GGAB bus bench in Central El Paso, Texas! This vibrant new bench isn’t just a place to rest, it is a reminder of our commitment to putting books in the hands of children who need them most.

Thanks to the fantastic team at M3 Image for bringing this vision to life. Their unmatched print work and exceptional customer service have made our bench a standout piece, catching the eye of book lovers of all ages!

Here’s to more stories, more smiles, and more stops along the path in closing the gap!

United, we can bridge the divide in book access.

Your contribution directly supports our mission to provide quality books to children who need them the most and empower children with the tools for success.


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24 de jun.

A great nonprofit with a great mission! Books are the gateway to all things wonderful in life! READING IS FUN-DAMENTAL! 😎

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