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Theater and Performance Etiquette

Ready to rush out the door with your drama-loving toddlers? HOLD IT. NOT SO FAST. First, talk to your child about the performance. Tell him or her about the characters, give a summary of the story, or read it together. Talk about the differences between going to the theater and watching television .Teach your young audience member that thetheater is a very special place, and its atmosphere and “manners” are different than those we use at home.

He or she must stay seated and listen very carefully to hear and understand everything. Children should understand that the actors are people just like us who are wearing make-up and costumes for their roles. Lastly, be sure to mention that the lights will go dim, but you will be right next to your child so everything will be just fine. The lights dimming is just a signal that the play is ready to begin and dimming the lights also helps everyone to see the action better. You and your kiddo are almost ready for the theater!

Read a few more theater books. Backstage Cat is delightful.

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