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Meet Lavender Libros Reader Natalie Rose

Growing global leaders, one book at a time!

Lavender Libros (LL) is a digital library hosted by GGAB and published on YouTube. This literacy program invites community leaders to read award-winning books aloud, encouraging children to listen and read along. 

Learn More About Natalie Rose!


Natalie Rose is a GGAB Ambassador entrusted with representing the mission of GGAB at local events and community project book distribution days. Natalie Rose embodies GGAB, and her role aims to show children in her age group the value of reading at home, independently, and with their peers! Natalie Rose is a valued member of the GGAB team and the community she serves, making her a perfect fit as a Lavender Libros Reader!


United, we can bridge the divide in book access.


Your contribution directly supports our mission to provide quality books to children who need them the most and empower children with the tools for success.


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