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March Newsletter: Health

Updated: May 14, 2021

Have you ever stopped to think that reading can actually benefit your child’s health?

When we think about our health, it’s easy to immediately think about our physical bodies. Have we checked the boxes of eating right, exercising and getting enough sleep lately? But what about the health of our brain? How often do we pay attention to that part of our—and more importantly our children’s—body? Healthline Media published a study showing that reading strengthens the brain, prevents cognitive decline, reduces stress, improves sleep, alleviates depression and can even lengthen a lifespan.

Reading has proven to physically strengthen circuits and signals in the brain—even in the area responsible for motor skills. It’s interesting to learn that when we read about a physical activity, the neurons that control that activity in the brain are activated. In other words, when we read about playing soccer, our brain will act as if it is playing the sport!

With some schools still operating virtually, it’s important now, more than ever, to focus on our children’s health. Add books to the toolbelt, and rest assured that you are taking care of your child in more ways than one.

Happy Reading!

Jordan Oliver

Director of Multimedia

We are excited to announce that Global Give A Book received a grant from Walmart Giving! We can’t wait to Give new quality books to high need families!


GGAB strives to provide high-quality award-winning books. Due to availability, we can not always guarantee which titles will be delivered. Though all titles will be recipients of the Caldecott and Newbery awards or specifically themed titles.


Community Day with The Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce

Winner of the GGAB giveaway:

Dominic Gutierrez!


GGAB was honored to attend

The SXSW EDU 2021

Online Conference

March 27, 2021

Church Alive! Community Outreach

250 award-winning books will be packaged and paired with food baskets!


April 2021

Book Give-Away at St. Felix Pantry

Rio Rancho, NM.

World Book Day

April 23, 2021

In honor of World Book Day, GGAB will be hosted by Kendra Scott for their Kendra Gives Back event.




20% of ALL purchases on the 23rd and the 24th of April will be donated to GGAB!


Visit the Kendra Scott store in El Paso, Texas on April 24th between 1PM and 4PM to receive a free book and have a portion of your purchase donated to GGAB.


Our goals are not possible without supporters like you.

If you have the availability and desire to donate to these upcoming events please consider a donation. Any amount donated goes directly towards providing free books to children!


Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.

- Richard Steele


Growing up in a house full of books is a major boost to literacy and numeracy, study finds research data from 160,000 adults in 31 countries concludes that a sizeable home library gave teen school leavers skills equivalent to university graduates who didn’t read growing up in a home packed with books has a large effect on literacy in later life – but a home library needs to contain at least 80 books to be effective, according to new research presented by The Guardian, a British magazine reporting both U.S. and Global news. Keep Reading


By Stan and Jan Berenstein

Preschool-2nd grade

The little bears are at it again. In this inexpensive book. We watch bears eat so much junk food that an intervention is needed. It is a fun book about children making healthy food choices.

By Nancy Carlson


Youngsters will love the illustrations in this book that emphasizes the importance of exercise, no matter whether we are tall or short, this or round.


Dear Reading Teacher,

My daughter Sandy is in first grade and she wants me to read to me her book, but she reads so slowly that I have to help her sound out every word. I finally wind up taking over the reading because it's kind of drives me crazy when she wants to sound out every word. How do I get her to stop this until she learns to read?

Vicky form Texas

Dear Vicky,

Sandy seems to be very excited to read. Show her how excited you are that she is learning to read. Learning to read takes practice, practice, practice, and your loving patience. Guide her toward books that she will read with more success, books that include a limited vocabulary and lots of repetition. Read to her often and keep praising and correcting her attempts to sound out new words.

Happy Reading!

The Reading Teacher


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