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March 23 | 77th Annual New Mexico State Spelling Bee 2024

Updated: Jul 1

GGAB proudly sponsored the 2024 New Mexico State Spelling Bee on March 23. This marks the second year that GGAB will support and encourage New Mexico's youth as they strive for spelling bee success!

The winner of the 2024 New Mexico State Spelling Bee is Juliette Anderson!

Juliette is a Santa Fe Preparatory School student with her sight set on becoming a writer. Photographed below are Juliette and Elena Finnegan, the official timekeeper. Elena is a UNM Reading Tutor for Global Give-A-Book and an NM State Spelling Bee supporter!


Elena Finnegan
UNM Reading Tutor 
UNM Biology Major
April 2024

Empowering Literacy Champions: 

GGAB at the 2024 New Mexico State Spelling Bee

On Saturday, March 23, I had the privilege to represent Global Give-A-Book and serve as the timekeeper at the 2024 New Mexico State Spelling Bee. This was GGAB’s second year sponsoring the state spelling bee, and we had several volunteers representing the nonprofit and helping everything run smoothly. It was amazing to see young individuals so committed to literacy and passionate about learning. They are fantastic representations of what we hope to see in New Mexico and across the world.

Spelling bees are a great way to help children improve their literacy skills. In order to successfully compete in a spelling bee, one must not only memorize words, but also understand language patterns. By providing books and learning opportunities to children at an early age, GGAB’s work has the potential to inspire more students to pursue a passion for literacy. 

GGAB is proud to support the students who participated in the spelling bee! The top 3 participants received a certificate from GGAB inviting them to read in the Lavender Libros program. The winner, 13-year-old Juliette Anderson from Santa Fe Preparatory School, also received a classic edition of The Purloining of Prince Oleomargarine. This previously unfinished story by Mark Twain has been brought to life by Philip Stead and Erin Stead and published for the first time. 

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in this fantastic event! GGAB remains committed to promoting literacy and empowering our youth in New Mexico and beyond! 


See GGAB's Elena Finnegan, the official timekeeper, on stage during the opening announcements. Thank you to everyone who volunteered their time to make this event possible for the talented contestants!

Re-visit the 2023 NM Spelling Bee on YouTube!


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