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GGAB Children Reading

Our Mission

Our mission is to give award-winning books to children in underprivileged communities.

Global Give-A-Book is focused on promoting literacy and a love for reading among children. By collaborating with local businesses, schools, and partners, we aim to build communities where everyone has the opportunity to learn, grow, and dream through the pages of a book.

GGAB Child Reading

Our Story

Founded from a passion for literacy, GGAB is fueled by countless volunteers, generous donors, and dedicated partners committed to sharing their love of reading.


As we continue to write our story, each donation represents a new chapter in a child’s life, a testament to our belief that every page turned is a step towards a more literate and informed world.

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Our Vision

At Global Give-A-Book, our vision is a world where every child, regardless of their background,  has access to books.


We strive to create literate communities where the power of reading unlocks potential and drives personal and community growth. We dream every child who walks through the food bank will receive a quality book along with their food box. Every child should have their own book!

In collaboration with community partners and local food pantries, we have created a direct link to the children who can most benefit from our programs. These connections build on established points of delivery for every box of food distributed, including GGAB materials.

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Ensuring every child has an equal opportunity at success continues with
the ongoing support of our partners. 

GGAB needs community leaders, such as yourself, to help children in need and

make a difference in our communities 


Community Stories


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Champion Youth Literacy

Your donation to Global Give-A-Book fuels our mission

to provide quality books to underprivileged

children, unlocking the doors to a brighter future.


Take action and champion a child today!

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